Thursday, May 04, 2006


Voter Education / Educacion Electoral on May 7

Educación Electoral
Tiene usted la oportunidad de ser uno del los primeros en ver las nuevas maquinas electorales que van a ser usadas en el condado de Allegheny. La iglesia de San Jacinto se une con la Cámara de Comercio Hispana (PMHCC), LACU, El Centro Hispano, la mesa Redonda Latina (LRT) y el condado de Allegheny para traerles a ustedes esta oportunidad educativa. El objetivo es el maximizar la familiaridad con el sistema electoral y la nueva tecnología que se va a usar.

CUANDO: Domingo 7 de mayo
DONDE: Iglesia San Jacinto a la 1:00 PM

Contamos con un instructor del condado el cual demostrara el equipo nuevo. Por favor apóyenos con su presencia para demostrarle al condado la unidad de la comunidad Hispana aquí en Pittsburgh.

Habrá refrescos para todos cortesía de la Cámara de Comercio

Voter Education Opportunity
Be one of the first to see the new voting machines that will be used in Allegheny County in the upcoming primary May 16. St. Hyacinth has joined forces with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (PMAHCC), LACU, El Centro Hispano, the Latino Roundtable (LRT), and Allegheny County to bring this educational opportunity to you. The goal of these organizations is to help the county spread the word to maximize voter preparedness and knowledge.

WHEN: Sunday, May 7
WHERE: St. Hyacinth church at 1:00 PM

There will be a trainer from the county demonstrating the new voting machines. Your support will help show the county that we have a strong, cohesive Hispanic community

Refreshments will be served courtesy of the Hispanic Chamber

Friday, March 31, 2006


Dr Diego Chavez-Gnecco recipient of prestigious Award

Dr. Diego Chaves-Gnecco will receive this year's "Margaret Gloninger" Award, given by the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of public Health to an alumnuns who has performed significant service to the commuity. (See below).

Diego is a pedaitrician, origianlly from Colombia, who is dedicated to our community. He offers once a month a free pediatric clinic in psanish, once a week a clinic at Children's for Spanish -speaking children, and organizes the Car Seat Check among other things. Diego participates in LACU, the leadership of the Latino CAtholic Community, the organizing committee for the annual fair "Al Servicio de la Comunidad" and the Latino Round Table. He finished his Master's of Public Health in 2000.


Patricia Documet

The Margaret F. Gloninger Award was established in honor of the late Margaret Fitzgerald Gloninger (MSHyg '66), GSPH graduate and former faculty member in maternal and child health. This award is presented annually to a GSPH alumnus who has made a significant contribution to GSPH or to the community through volunteer service.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Next LRT Meeting April 26 6:30pm at San Jacinto Church in Oakland

The next monthly meeting of the Latino Roundtable (LRT) will be held on WEDNESDAY APRIL 26 at 6:30PM

Saint Hyacinth Church/Iglesia San Jacinto
3201 Craft Place, Oakland, Pittsburgh PA 15213
Tel. (412) 687-6292

Join us!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006



For many years now, the Latino community in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania has been growing, and along with it numerous organizations, both formal and informal, have sprouted. Recently, Latino leaders and others interested in the community’s growth have come together to form the Latino Round Table (“LRT”). The LRT is an informal grouping of socio-economic, healthcare, religious, economic, educational and governmental organizations focused on enhancing the visibility of Latinos in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The group acts as a unified forum and conduit for its members and business/political stakeholders to understand and promote a cohesive Latino agenda in our region.

The Latino population in Southwestern Pennsylvania is the largest growing populous in our region. Its impact upon the health, economy, workforce and lifestyle is quickly increasing. Thus, the LRT is committed to coordinating various grassroots efforts to unite our community and enrich our local cultural and political sectors by creating an understanding of Latinos.

Download our full report HERE.

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